Twisted sister

The US heavy metal band Twisted Sister formed in 1973. The group merged the glam rock movement with the grit of Alice Cooper. Despite their name, they made their mark on the New York club scene. In 1982, Twisted Sister signed to a label called Secret Records, but the label went bust soon after they released their debut album. In response, the band continued to make music while searching for a new label.

In keeping with the theme of the 80s, Play’n GO has created a slot that is inspired by one of the most iconic rock bands of the era. The game features a glam metal band and its charismatic frontman, Dee Snider. The game features an atypical 6×6 layout with symbols that resemble the band’s LPs, record sleeves, and badges. Although there is no progressive jackpot, the game can reward players with high-paying bonuses and free spins.

Before the arrival of lead singer Dee Snider in 1976, the band went through three lead singers. However, the original singer does not recall how he came up with the band’s name. He called French at a bar and told him that the name was perfect. The next morning, he couldn’t remember it, so the band’s name was “Twisted Sister”. However, Twisted Sister managed to achieve one hit in the Top 40 with “Flying High.”

The three bonus features in Twisted Sister are cascading grid, Linked Reels and Mega Symbols. This feature can showcase identical symbols across all 3 reels during free spins. As a cascading grid slot, Twisted Sister also allows you to create winning combinations. As the contributing symbols disappear from the grid when a winning combination occurs, new symbols occupy their spaces, allowing you to create successive wins.