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17/11/08 Black Belt completed.

After 24 hrs of exams Drew Beattie passed his final Black sash exam .. Congratulations

08/05/07 Meditation.

Notes on basic meditation practice can now be found in the members section

11/01/07 Sash Overhall in Members section.

Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow External sash requirements and Exam sheets have been re-written to enable students to understand them better

19/12/06 Sash Overhall.

A more up to date representation of all the sashes found in the system can now be found in the members Section

05/12/06 12 Animal Stances.


29/11/06 Overhall of History/ New content added.

The History section of the website has been Updated and new stance pictures can now be found in the members section (Blue sash and above only)

29/11/06 History of other styles.

The History of other styles can now be found in the main part of the website

29/11/06 F.A.Q PAGE ADDED.

A New Frequently asked questions page has been added to the main part of the website

29/11/06 Instructors Area Update.

The Instructors Area has been updated


The class timetable has been updated


On thursday 26th October A new begginers Taichi class will start at the Littledown Centre at 2pm In studio 1. All are welcome

16/08/06 Shaolin & Taiji Weapon review.

On the 4th September 2006 there will be an opportunity for all students to experience all the different weapons (24 of them) in an intermediate class. This will be a one off lesson designed to give the martial ractitioner an overview of all weapon styles

18/06/06 Sparring Class.

Shaolin sparring class opens at the Bulldog Gym Today at 7-9pm. Would all students that wish to attend turn up with mouthguards and groin guards (Optional).. The class is for students to explore the art of sparring and gaining from your losses. There will be another session on the 2nd of July 2006. All members welcome

17/05/06 Siu lim Tao Language Rewrite.

Now in the members section. Copy and paste for best results.

02/05/06 curriculum language update.

Defence stage 1 is now written in a more cohesive form. Please paste the text and adapt the format to your syllabus

18/04/06 Push hands update.

As with the locks push hands is now written in a more cohesive form. Please paste the text and adapt the format to your syllabus

18/04/06 Archive update.

All members will find 1st form & 2nd form Locks paperwork update in the newsletter archive of the website. Hopefully the new explanations will help understanding. All Si-Hings can please e-mail me for the other re-writes if they need them.

24/02/06 Fingerless gloves and Dit dar oil.

For members only I have 6 pairs of fingerless Sparring/Bag gloves brand new all £8 per pair (normally £15) first come first served. I am also now able to get hold of some dit dar oil (see members section) for those that want to improve your injury recovery time

18/02/06 New Wing chun and Qin-na notes.

New Wing chun and Qin-na newsletters have been posted in the members archive section of the website

08/02/06 New Questions added to the Members area.

Over 100 new questions have been added to the Challenge section of the Website. Bringing the total up to 600. Only your highest score is registered and the questions are chosen at random. Knowledge of all things Martial is needed.. Good luck


21st and 22nd January 2006 Guru inosanto will be visiting Bournemouth to conduct a seminar Saturday Training 1230 - 430 Sunday Training 1130 - 330 Weekend Price £85 (£100 on day) One day price £50 (£60 on day)

26/12/05 Class Times for New Year.

Starting Wednesday 4th January with the Wing chun Class. The timetable will then be Monday 7-9 (Shaolin/Weapons/Syllabus) Venue: Winton Boys Wednesday 730-9 (Wing chun) Venue: Shaolin HQ Friday 7-8 (Taiji/Internal) Venue: Littledown Centre

08/07/05 Timetable Finalised.

Please check the Contact and class details for New timetable details


From the 20th June classes will resume as normal (two weeks earlier than anticipated) .. Also a wing chun class will be held at the David English centre on wednesday nights 7pm - 8pm .

04/06/05 Temporary class relocation.

Classes held on Monday the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of June are temporarily relocated to Thursday of that week. Usual time of 7pm – 9pm. The temporary venue for these classes is the “David English sports centre”. Classes will be of the normal format found in the Monday session. This is also an opportunity for those that cannot normally make the Monday session to try out this type of class. The temporary relocation is due to Exams being held at the Winton Boys School. After which the normal timetable will resume

26/05/05 200 new questions added to the challenge.

200 new questions have been added to the challenge found in the members area

04/03/05 Animal Tests.

The refined animal suitability tests are now available in the Members’ Section. They replace the ones currently in your syllabus.

28/02/05 SI-HING CLASS.

Thursday 10th March 2005 .. Another of the Bi monthly Si-hing classes will be taking place at shaolin society HQ. Please let me know if you CANNOT make it

23/01/05 SI-HING Class.

Thursday 27th January at 1930hrs. This is a new format of class held every other month It is based on the overall understanding and inter linking aspects of the system. All advanced class rules apply. However it will be your mind that will get the hardest work out.

13/12/04 Christmas / New Year Update.

The last official class lesson of the year will be on Friday the 17th December 2004. However there will be a one off class at Shaolin HQ on Monday 20th December for a limited number of students (please book your place, first come first served basis).

Normal classes recommence on Friday 7th January 2005. With the Monday and Friday (external/Internal) classes carrying on as usual.

Private lesson bookings will not be received on the 25th December and 1st of January and will commence again for the year on the 2nd January 2005.

Over the festive period private lesson slots will be temporarily increased for those that do not want to miss out on training.

There will be an advanced lesson (book in advance) on the 29th December 2004 for 8 students from 8pm – 10pm.

For New years reading we will be updating the biography section of the website to include various luminaries of the martial arts, I would like to thank Alistair Basset and Drew Beattie for their contributions to this area. The biography section is growing and if any students wish to add to any area of the website please voice your ideas.


Those of you wanting to train with Guru Dan inosanto in January must have bought your ticket before the 5th of January.

Enjoy your new year and train well

Guro Dan Inosanto is returning to Bournemouth in January. You can read more about this martial legend in our Biography database.

18/09/04 Website difficulties.

Due to server difficulties the wing chun section of the members section is offline until 20th september

27/06/04 Various martial art weapons for Sale.

Sifu is reducing his Weapon collection, therefore a few choice items are now available to “active” members of the Society. To recieve a list of these items click on the link For more information contact Sifu by e-mail

01/06/04 New area in the members section.

Our expansion of the members section, an area that is designed to help with all aspects of our training, now contains all the Wing chun aspects of our system.

21/05/04 Nunchaku fight training.

The Nunchaku fight training is now changed to the 29th may due to a tournament on the 6th may 2004. Would all intermediate instructors please attend.

29/04/04 Respect The Blade 2004.

This summer’s Respect the Blade knife-fighting seminar is to be held on Sunday 16th May, priced at £18. It will start at 12:00 pm and will run for 2 hours. Due to the nature of the material covered, the seminar is only available to those over 18 years old. To reserve your place, or for further details please click the link below. For more information contact Sifu by e-mail

20/04/04 Excess tonfa.

After a review of stock levels, it seems that too many sets of tonfa are being kept on the shelf. Therefore members can buy a pair at the special price of £10.

03/03/04 Tai Chi Masterclass.

On Saturday 20th March 9-10am a one-off Tai Chi masterclass will be held at the David Lloyd, Ringwood. For all those wishing to experience this wonderful artform please contact either the David Lloyd on 01425-470101 or Mateus 01425-480060 ( The David Lloyd is a members-only club.

31/01/04 Katana lesson.

Members of the society are invited to study the movements of the samurai in a one off lesson. This lesson is in order for us to understand how tradition and simplicity can be utilised by all martial artists and how the journey as martial artists is a never ending lesson. It is to be held on Sunday 15th February, 2004 and will run from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. For further details please speak to Sifu personally.

30/01/04 Weapon Instructor Training.

There will be an advanced weapons class on February 8th, covering the exam part of the advanced weapons requirement. This will afford students the opportunity to learn about the relationship between weapons, and also take part in a mock exam of the advanced qualification. For more information contact Sifu by e-mail